Menjelang Independence Day & Liberation Day Kuwait

Ini adalah cerita tentang ritual tahunan di Kuwait. Tidak ada yang menggembirakan  melebihi Independence Day Liberation Day di Kuwait yang baru akan tiba tanggal 25 dan 26 February 2012 nanti. Apalagi yang ditunggu tunggu warga kalau bukan tambahan penghasilan diluar gaji rutin sebagai karyawan. Seperti tahun tahun yang lalu, hari ini berbagai media, baik koran dan TV  sudah membuat berita berita tentang rejeki nomplok yang akan diberikan pemerintah kepada warganya. Arab Times memberitakan kenaikan gaji 35 % dan Kuwait Times memberitakan rejeki nomplok paling sedikit KD 250 untuk Kuwaitis dan KD 50 untuk expatriate (KD 1 = Rp 31.000)

Tinggal tunggu saja, apakah berita ini menjadi kenyataan seperti tahun tahun yang lalu atau ada kejutan yang lebih besar lagi dari Emir Kuwait.

Govt to issue
decision on CSC special report on salary raise 

Two studies submitted for consideration


KUWAIT CITY, Feb 5: The government will issue its decision on the special
report of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) concerning the raise in salaries of
Kuwaiti employees in the public and private sectors as well as retirees by up to
35 percent of the basic salary, which excludes those who have already got their
increment, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The report of the CSC does not
include increases for employees in the management of investigations and legal,
which were identified by between 50 percent and 75 percent of the allowance of
the judiciary.

Meanwhile, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has
submitted two studies to the government on the salary scale for Kuwaitis working
in the government and private sector companies, reports Al-Shahed

The first study shows the CSC has cut down on exaggerated material
demands of some employees while the second study shows the CSC has included a
comprehensive increment for all state employees.

The sources also said
the CSC, in the meantime, has approved many allowances such as adequate car
allowance for employees driving for work in their own vehicle, risk allowance
and screen allowance for computer users.

The sources pointed out the
minimum allowance will be KD 200. However, the Cabinet is reportedly reluctant
to take a decision and has thrown the ball in the court of the new government
which is expected to be formed shortly.

Source : Arab Times

Citizens KD 250, expats to get KD 50 increment

salary raise1 Citizens KD 250, expats to get KD 50 increment KUWAIT: Abdul Aziz Al-Zabin, Director of Civil Service Commission has announced financial privileges for both citizens and expats, informed sources revealed. Al-Zabin’s revelations are based on the economic consulting committee decision. Sources said that everyone will take his just share of the due allowance through equalizations among all specializations in all ministries.

Sources added that increment will be based on groups and not cadres. Increment for expats working in government sector will be KD 50 to meet the increase in cost of living. Increments for Kuwaitis in the private sector will be KD 250 and will be paid by the program of supporting national labor and with this the file of allowances will be closed, reported Al-Shahed.

Source : Kuwait Times

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