Hujan Duit Di Kuwait

Bukan Sedang Ngantri JPS
(Jaring Pengaman Sosial)

Busyet….., ini negara kaya sekali.  Baru beberapa hari lalu bagi bagi duit KD 1000 (sekitar Rp 30 Juta) per orang plus Sembako untuk setahun (Baca : Bagi Bagi Duit …. I Love Kuwait), kali ini sudah akan memberi penghargaan untuk semua expatriate yang bekerja di Kuwait. Kemeriahan Independence & Liberation Day memang masih sebulan lagi (25 – 26 Feb 2011), tapi kegembiraan seluruh warga sudah terasa. Kalau seperti ini terus, tidak ada kata lain selain mendoakan semoga keluarga Amir Kuwait diberi kesehatan, keselamatan dan panjang umur. Semoga sedekah dan amal kebaikannya dapat diterima Allah dan juga saya terima secepatnya. Amin

One-month bonus pay to expats, urges Tabtabaei
Firms challenged

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 19: Islamist MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaei requested private sector companies on Wednesday to grant all non-Kuwaitis under their employment a bonus amounting to one month’s salary on the occasion of the national and liberation day anniversaries.

The bonus should coincide with His Highness the Amir’s grant of KD 1,000 to all Kuwaiti nationals, Al-Tabtabaei said, adding that the Kuwaiti people, especially merchants and businessmen, are known for their kindness and charity locally and abroad.

“His Highness the Amir’s graciousness has greatly pleased the Kuwaiti people and, in turn, as a social duty, it is necessary for businessmen and traders to grant all non-Kuwaitis an extra one month’s salary to mark the national and liberation day and Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah’s 5th year anniversary,” he explained.

The Amiri grant is said to increase the prices of basic commodities and members of parliament have urged the Ministry of Trade and Commerce to ensure that prices remain stable and punish those who commit excesses.

Meanwhile, a grilling request against the Minister of Interior, Sheikh Jaber Al-Khaled Al-Sabah may be submitted on Sunday, according to a parliament source, who spoke to the Arab Times on the condition of anonymity.

The source said that the request will be submitted when opposition MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri returns from the UAE. Al-Muwaizri, the source added, is part of the Kuwaiti delegation of the Extraordinary Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Members.

Opposition MPs are adamant to question the Interior Minister after cases of abuse and torture within his ministry surfaced recently. The two-week parliamentary panel assigned to investigate the torture and death of Kuwaiti citizen, Mohammed Al-Mutairi, is due to complete its report and submit it to the National Assembly next Monday, so that it can be included on the agenda of Jan 25th’s parliamentary session.

NA Secretary, MP Ali Al-Rashid, said that questioning ministers without concrete evidence and ignoring the opinions of the majority, in order to overthrow the government, is a blow to the Constitution and to democracy.

Al-Rashid requested all MPs to wait for the investigative panel’s report on the issue as well as the reforms that the Interior Minister’s planning to implement. “The minister has referred all those who have committed the crime against Al-Mutairi to the prosecution and we are now waiting for him to clean the ministry of its prevalent corruption,” he said.

Furthermore, MP Dr Masouma Al-Mubarak urged the government to perform regular inspections on all projects concerning the state developmental plan. She said that the plan is worth billions; however, there are weak individuals rampant in Kuwait who are willing to break laws.

“We should put a stop to those who seek to overcome the law using the Tenders Committee and the Audit Bureau. Therefore the government should abide by all the reports issued by these protective organizations,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Health and Social Affairs Committee met with the Municipality Minister, Fadhel Al-Safar, on Wednesday to discuss the issue of spoilt food. The minister discussed his ministry’s latest seizures of rotten food and companies who are practicing commercial fraud.

3 responses to “Hujan Duit Di Kuwait

  1. >sippp wenaaakkkkkkmak jus pokok ee

  2. mas ardi aku jusuf rencana mau brngkat ke kuwait oia kalau boleh tau mas ardi kerja di pertambangan ta mas.
    asli mana mas.. kalau aku sby.saat ini masih kerja di kuwait ya mas.. seru juga pengalaman mas ardi..

  3. met kenal yo mas… sapa tau kita ktmu disana.

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