Payah, Lagi Lagi Expats

Nah Lo, expats dijadikan ‘kambing hitam’ lagi atas kebobrokan pelayanan medis di Kuwait. Usulan solusinya sangat rasialis sekali yaitu pelayanan medis expats dan Kuwaitis akan dipisahkan. Untung ada Kuwaiti yang vocal dan bisa menilai dengan kacamata lain tentang permasalahan internal Kuwait. Hati hati saja sampeyan dicekal Ibu Badria Darwish, kalau di Indonesia sampeyan bisa hilang dari permukaan bumi.
Perhatikan gambar State Hospital yang kumuh disamping, mulai gerbang masuk, gedung rumah sakit sampai pelayanannya semua serba kumel dan ala kadarnya. Masak Expats sebagai konsumen rumah sakit pemerintah yang disalahkan sebagai penyebab kebobrokan gedung rumah sakit dan pelayanannya ?. Coba simak tulisan Badria Darwish yang tajam di Kuwait Times dibawah : (by:Ardi)

A low wall
Published Date: June 09, 2008
By Badrya Darwish

I’m so embarrassed to write about it. It’s so embarrassing for you readers. But I’m sorry, these are the realities of life we are facing and you cannot hide it. Yesterday, one of our honorable MPs Dr Hussain Quwaian suggested a solution to enhance the health services in Kuwait. Guess what it is? To separate the treatment of expats from Kuwaitis at all public health facilities in Kuwait.

I wish he could convince me how this move would enhance the health services. Are the expats now the reason for every falling object in Kuwait? Or it has become a stereotyped slogan for everyone who wants to claim zealous nationalism and show Kuwaitis that he is loyal to the country!

Are the expats the reason for the failure and corruption in our country? And in which way if he separates Kuwaitis and expats will the health services improve? Are the expats the reason for having unqualified nurses and doctors? Why do we have these unqualified people? Because our government opts to bring the cheapest labor from outside. We don’t choose the best or highest qualified, we choose the cheapest. We look at the salaries.

Are the expats also the reason for having ruined corridors and rooms in the hospitals? Old buildings which desperate need renovating and updating? Are the expats the reason for not having up-to-date equipments and instruments, especially in the emergency room and casualty wards?

Are the expats the reason for the corruption everywhere in Kuwait? For instance, if an instrument in the hospital cost $10,000, the hospital has bought it for $100,000 and its obvious where the rest of the money has gone. Into the pockets of certain people.

And this doesn’t apply only to the Ministry of Health but to every corner in every ministry. But the expats are the low wall we can jump. We can blame everything on them. I guess the expats are the reason for the sandstorms we’re having!

Why can’t we have some decency and courage and face our problems? Then the MP goes as far as talking about the health insurance scheme. May I ask the honorable gentlemen where is the money of the health insurance which the expats paid a few years ago and the health insurance companies refused to pay the government. And what did the government do? Chapter closed. Are the expats the ones who stole this money also?

And when you build a hospital, for us Kuwaitis and one for the expats. Are you going to send the best doctors, medicines, nurses and etc to the Kuwaiti side and the rest of the chaff to the expats? And does this enhance your services to the Kuwaitis?

Are the expats also the reason for the failure in every department like Kuwait Airways, like not having enough electricity, like the turbines not working or those bought for one price and sold – as new – to the government for a much higher price only to find out they were 25 years old and rewired?

No need to hang our dirty laundry out for the neighbors to see. Because there are hundreds and hundreds of stories to write and tell. So please, if you want to be a hero, face problems at their root whether its expat or Kuwaiti who caused them. Solve it at the root. This is the way we build our country. Otherwise forget it, we’ll continue to deteriorate by this way of thinking.
Discrimination and arrogance never builds nations. And it’s also against Islam, our great religion.

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